Tina Penland, LMBT, BCTMB (NC #7485) owner of Full Circle Massage Therapy, LLC has been practicing massage therapy for 13 years. Her passion is working with clients to maintain a quality of life in their daily activities of living. Tina's background includes 30 years in the medical field in areas of Long term care, Administration, Billing, and Physical Therapy. Tina's training in massage includes Therapeutic Massage,  Lymphatic Massage, Swedish Massage, Oncology Massage and Cupping Therapy. Tina is available for 30 and 60-minute sessions.

Melissa Foster, LMBT, ITEC (NC #17425)  has been practicing massage therapy for 17 years. In addition to her massage therapy background she is also a Certified Reflexologist. Melissa is compassionate about massage therapy and is dedicated to promoting health, healing and well-being through therapeutic massage remedies including Deep Tissue Massage and Pregnancy Massage.  She has a holistic approach to massage and is certified in several massage modalities applicable to all ages from infant to seniors. Melissa is available for 60 and 90-minute sessions.

Ashley Glenn, LMBT (NC #19113) is a recent graduate from massage therapy school and is excited to be starting her career at Full Circle Massage. Ashley's passion is to work with oncology patients to help improve their quality of life during and after treatments. Her goal in working with clients in massage therapy is to promote physical and mental healing.  Ashley's training also includes Therapeutic Massage and Swedish Massage and is available for 30, 60 and 90-minute sessions.

Stephen Lefebvre, LMBT (NC #15918) has been practicing massage for 4 yrs including Craniosacral Therapy (a very gentle hands on approach for trauma resolution) for the past 2 years. Stephen has a 20 yr old amazing son with Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy and he has worked with this demographic population for 8 years. This background has created his passion is therapeutic massage and bodywork in the areas of Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy as well as Trauma resolution. Stephen is available for 30, 60, 90, and 120-minute sessions.


The team of therapists at Full Circle Massage work together utilizing their greatest skill strengths in meeting the needs and goals of our clients.

Take care of your health…